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I'm Afraid of Butterflies I'm Afraid of Butterflies

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It was bound to happen

Well it was only a matter of time before Emo spilled into the world of animation, it's already clamed the souls of photography, poetry, and video, not to mention music.

Although hidden well in a very simple deisng the motion tweening was shoddy and the frame by frame work was, although not bad, hardly used and thus didn't improve the style imo.

The fear of butterflys had no real connection to the cartoon itss elf that also confused me, although it might have some "deeper meaning byond what my mortal mind can understand" or something, god knows.

The sound, as you said was lacking, but I wont go into that as you already know it is.

All in all it felt like it was trying to be a dark cartoon but ended up just being an emotionless, and quite dull cartoon with its lacking animation abilities hidden behind a pale style.

Nandi responds:

Glad I'm not emo then. Don't take your emo hate out on me, I don't like them either. I get this kinda stuff from people who say its emo, when they dont even know what emo is exactly. I mean, I draw a person with hair over theyre face "ZOMG SO EMO!" a few years ago I would't have heard it. I can't even choose these colours without getting crap. Its just a personal preference there is nothing behiend it. I really don't see how its emo, it's not the sligtest bit depressing. No cutting, no angst.

People do not know the definition of emo. If it looks the slighest bit emo, IT MUST BE =D!!! Yes this Animation is aaaalll about how dark and depressing my life is, and I wanted to spill my depressing feelings out into the world. And express my teen angst on how I'm afraid of butterflies. ;o; *cry cry, cut cut* </sarcasm> Um, no.

The tweeing sucks cos I've never done it like this before, and that was my second attempt a fbf. The fear of butterflies comes from them being a sign of death, it's as simple as that. Tho you see them more often in the full version, so the fear of them makes more sence. I didnt intend on it being dark just kinda creepy, but because of my "emo" colour choice people assume I'm trying to be dark. Emotionless... yet emo lololol. "Lacking animation abilities" lol I know that I don't have animating skills (since this is my first proper movie), thank you for reassuring me. (:

WoW: When Gnomes Fly WoW: When Gnomes Fly

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Another Let Down By An Old Timer

What happened to the days when Legendary Frog was a sign of a good humored cartoon? I used to look forward to the next 'One Ring' or 'Ark & Karigan', these days the comics have lost there humor, this kinda low quality humor only appeals to little kids and slow adults. Watching the cartoon I spotted numerous places where the humor could have easily been improved, but wasn't.

Also the graphics, unlike other Classic Animators of a few years back, have not improved, and although these quality graphics were good when I was 16, now me, and a lot of the old time fans crave something with a LITTLE more effort.

It's nice to see the cartoon isn't only written by Legendary Frog...although I'd like to see a cartoon written by someone else and only animated by LF, who knows, it might not suck then.

I'd strongly recomend not watching this if you want to remember LF for the good animator and writer he once was, insted of the bad writer and un-improved animator he is now. And if your new to LFs stuff, don't judge him on this, please, go back and watch his old work, when once, on NG he was one of the few God-animators.

I miss the old days.

RE: Beer Break RE: Beer Break

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Why did I wast my time then?

I'm sorry to tell you this but that TOTALY SUCKED!

The audio was harrible, low quality

the grafics were just crap, lacked way to much deailt, and moved so slow

I couldent see 1 good joke in that

it didn't even make sence witht he guns, how dose shooting a zombie once in the chest kill it? in the background was a guide to killing zombies that said that wouldent work!

I'm pissed off that this got such a high score, I would be supprised if this even got good enough for Turd of the week, the portal has let us down again

I Love Egg.....SUCKS! I Love Egg.....SUCKS!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oh come on!

1. how can you hate the cute little eggs? ^_^

2. how can you pick on it when your cartoon was lower in animation abilities, and you failed to even draw a good egg!

3. The toon in general was tacky and I'm shocked it got though the portal

4. Try looking at the Egg toons as an animator not a moron, there very well animated (unlike your crap here) so try appreciating it for that if you can't bring yourself to think something’s cute in fear people might find out your sexuality

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pr0de responds:

It's almost as fruity as your flash.

The Matrix Still Has You The Matrix Still Has You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

All good but

it was let down by 'The Siege' no offence to the animator but his skills were a let down when in a toon witht he others, his animation seemed to be average with an overuse of motion tweening, also some of the jokes seemed a little too cheep to be funny, although other parts made this another classic and I can't wait till the next one, if there is another, although maybe you should move into other movies or even games!

Janey, Marry Me Janey, Marry Me

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was loking like I was gonna have to vote 1/5 for a whiile till the 'what not to say at a job interview' thingy, nice to see someone else who wants all Good Charlet fans turned into mutilated piles of pulp ot be sent to russia...It was good although some parts kinda sucked (the Queer Bitches part had potential but failed) keep it up but next time make it longer!


Snozzwang responds:

Thankyou for teh nice review :D

Luigi's Confession 3 Luigi's Confession 3

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm sorry but this sucked

it seems to have been animated in 1FPS using MSPaint with a voice actor who sounds like a character from Barney! the humour didn’t exist and I feel I seriously wasted my time watching it, mc_livewire might be a n00b but I’m not and I back his opinion (also relying on his being a n00b as your argument for him being wrong makes you sound like a 3 year, grow up)


CrawlAway responds:

stfu you a.d.d basturd. even though your level 9, your still a n00b. stfu, their better than your gay ass movies

Wink: Insatiable Appetite Wink: Insatiable Appetite

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love these cartoons...

You should make more of them, and add more characters, whatever you do DONT give Wink a voice, he sounds cute with just the squeeking sound ^_^ well dont on getting into the top 40 and make more or you'll never see antidote

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Salad Hunter Salad Hunter

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was ok...

I'm not a fan of salad fingers and it gives me a head ake and i think its quite crap (although the animation is ok). What annoys me about this cartoon isnt the toon its self its the reviews its getting, what about anti-clock crew toons? what about the celeb assasin games? there all about killing something because you dont like it, they don't get th ekinda crap this is getting, mabye it is childish to make a toon about somethign you hate *hides anti-Clock crew toon* but its also childish to thretern death on some1 for doing so or writieng half the crap i'm reading here. although the replys to some of these are good ^_^

Maverick0 responds:

Hahaha. Thanks man, I always enjoy getting reviews, and only now discovered i can respond! How fun! I'm causing a ruckus! I like your point about the celeb assasin games. Isn't that what I just did? He he he

Armageggon Armageggon

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was in impresive cartoon and I'm supprised your not on the front page with it!

To Crazi_dude: wow, you must be crap to go see a comidy with or something IT'S A CARTOON! its not ment ot make sence is it, if you wanna see something that makes sence why the hell are you on Newgrounds